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la Herradura week #2

It’s Friday night and Steve’s halfway through the guitar course. It seems to be going well and he’s enjoying the challenge. As the weather was so bad last weekend, he spent most of Saturday at the workshop. It wasn’t fit to go out anywhere, with stormy seas and torrential rain for 36 hours. The area certainly needs some rain though, there’s serious concerns over drought in southern Spain. 

 Last Sunday we decided to walk back up to the lighthouse and down into the Marina del Este. After a very steep descent into the deserted area, with a two-hour wait for a bus that may not arrive on a Sunday evening, we managed to flag down a lone taxi apparently returning to Granada. After some confusing discussion, he agreed to take us back to la Herradura for €20! Enjoying a beer back on the beach, we decided this was much better than the steep walk back in the dark.

Just before arriving in la Herradura, we’d noticed a stone chip on the windscreen whilst driving down the autopista. This gradually developed into a long horizontal crack. After a couple of phonecalls to Autoglass (who deal with the van insurance in the UK) and calls from Carglass in Malaga, we’re booked in for the van to have a new windscreen in Malaga tomorrow, so it’s another early start to drive there for 1000.

Bev’s continuing to enjoy shopping at all the local independent stores and learning some basic Spanish with the friendly, helpful shopkeepers. There’s been some extra flamenco sessions in preparation for a show at the weekend which is the beginning of the four-day festival for St Jose. Several streets are already closed and the funfair and stalls are all setting up along the beach. Another recce by Bev on her bike up to Cerro Gordo confirms just how steep all the hills are round here really are. But it’s well worth the climb for the amazing downhills and views from the top. From next week there may also be the option of hiring a kayak to go out in the bay . . . for now, sitting on the beach having tested the water temperature of the sea will do!