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The sights of Cordoba

Having arrived in the dark last night, and unsure how the car parking charges are calculated, we decide it’s such a great location it’s worth a few extra euros to park so close to the city. Friday 3 February is our ‘city tour day’ for Cordoba and once Steve’s sorted out his photos, there will be another gallery of stunning pictures. We visited the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, Royal Riding Stables and the truly amazing Great Mosque and Cathedral.

There were quite a few police around in the historic city, they arrested a couple of guys drinking alcohol from Coke bottles! Having returned to the van for a rest before supper, a carpark attendant was collecting all the van numberplate nos. on a sheet of paper. He explained, via Siri translate on his phone, that the numberplate recognition cameras are affected by the sun and don’t register correct plates. We’d already noticed this on our ticket, and wondered how it would be resolved. Not to worry, his list was what the system would recognise when we go to pay in the morning!