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A drive over the Sierra de Huétor

As we’re  in the suburbs of Granada after collecting Steve’s bike from Ivan, and the weather’s fine, we decide to visit the Alhambra again. Last time was about 20 years ago, in November. It was wet, chilly and very crowded with tourists, so perhaps it will be better today as it’s early February and the sun’s shining. We find a parking area set aside for campervans, where we can sleep overnight (for quite a high fee, but it’s close by) and set out to buy tickets for the Alhambra . . . no such luck! The system is now very bureaucratic: buy online and arrive at 0830 on the appointed day, with passports, for the tour. It looked like there were huge queues of people who already had tickets, and it was all going to be very expensive, crowded and the sun had stopped shining.

We decided against visiting again and took the mountain road through the Sierra de Huétor, just east of Granada. It was a good decision, there were views of the Sierra Nevada (with far less snow than would be usual at this time of year) and after passing another fine reservoir, Embalse Francisco Abellan, we found an ideal place to stop overnight, overlooking the small town of La Peza.The camper van area was a community project, free of charge, and well placed above the town. We were quite high and the temperature had dropped significantly, certainly glad the van has central heating and good insulation! Another short driving day, only 47 miles. After an attempt to support the local community, we decided Thursday must be early closing as none of the bars, shops or restaurants seemed to be open and we cooked a meal in the van.