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Mercat Central, Valencia and another lost phone!

After finding a tapas bar for lunch in Valencia, our next stop was the Mercat Central, opened in 1928, an Art Nouveau masterpiece by architects Alejandro Soler March and Francisco Guardia Vial. It covers 8,000 square metres housing over 1200 stalls. We just had time to wander round before it all closed (including the churros stall) and went round the back to take some photos as the sun had started to shine. Continuing on our cycle tour, we admired the Estación del Norte, opened in 1917, standing next to the Bull Ring. We set off back late afternoon to allow time to watch the sunset beside the lake beyond the campsite.

After watching the sunset over the lake and marshes, used for growing rice, we returned to the campsite to prepare supper. It was already dark and Steve couldn’t find his phone. We tried to call it, no answer, and checked out ‘Find my Phone’ wondering where it could be. Checking the map, it was still in Valencia, somewhere between the Market and Station, moving . . . a second call and Miguel answered! He’s a student, lives near the station and had found it by the market. “Don’t worry, find a way to get back to Valencia and we can meet up!” Having consulted the bus timetables, we quickly ran back to the road to catch the 2015 bus back to Valencia. An hour later, we met Miguel and his friend outside the Market Hall to reunite Steve with his phone. Twice in two weeks and a kind Spaniard has returned our phones!

We decided to celebrate with a meal out in Valencia and caught the last bus back to the campsite at 2325.