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Madinat al-Zahra

We manage to extract ourselves from the Córdoba city parking lot by pressing the ‘info’ button on the challenging carpark machine. This still seems to be quite erratic in its operation since last year. It’s a short drive out of the city centre as we head for Madinat al-Zahra. We’re not sure what to expect but find it’s well worth a visit! The Museum and archaeological site ticket for two is only €3 with another €3 for a return bus ride up the hill to walk amongst the reconstructed city! We spent nearly three hours exploring the fascinating, extensive site of a huge city, built over three terraces in the 10th century, only to be abandoned 70 years after it was completed. It then laid ruined and ransacked for nearly 1,000 years.

After several errors of navigation in search of a restaurant higher up above the Madinat, we finally made our own very late lunch by the roadside near la Ermita. Rejoining the N-432 towards Badajoz and needing to revise our plan for where to stop, we found a place at Espiel, arriving at 1930. There were odd reviews and it was not clear if parking was allowed at the disused railway station beside the old track. After a conversation with a local woman, we were assured it was OK and it seemed there was no charge.