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The sad tale of the bikes #1

Having arrived in Ronda at about 1700 on Thursday, 9 February, we decided to check out what had happened to the bike cover we’d noticed had a tear following the windy night beside the sea in Bolina. As Steve brought Bev’s bike down from the rack, we were both horrified to see the state of the handlebars. Clearly, it was not just a tear in the cover, someone must have hit the rack whilst we were parked up . . . as Bev calmed down and began searching for a bike shop locally, Steve looked at his own bike. The damage was much more serious with a crack in the carbon frame. Having found ‘Centerbikes’ quite nearby with good reviews and following a helpful phonecall, we walked both bikes down before they closed at 2000. After conversations via Google Translate, they confirmed Bev’s bike could be repaired and they would try to fix Steve’s although it would take at least a week. As we’d failed to find any shops and it had been a bad end to an otherwise enjoyable day, we treated ourselves to a lovely tapas supper in Ronda.

On Friday morning Bev tried to contact the insurance company – it seems cycles aren’t covered by the travel insurance, but we may be able to claim on the house contents policy. Juan sent a message to say Steve’s bike could not be repaired but Bev’s was ready. We walked back to collect them both, Bev’s now looking good with new carbon handlebars. Miguel, the mechanic, has recommended Steve takes his bike to a colleague, Ivan in Granada, who is an expert in repairs to carbon frames. We walked back to the van, repaired the bike cover and loaded both bikes back on the rack . . . Steve’s going to think about what to do next.